An InspirNational Creative Space


Are you craving creativity? Or, are you lacking creativity and looking for inspiration? I have found over the past year that I have been drawn to all things creative – from decorating my apartment in South Carolina, to painting wine glasses and cooking new recipes. The urge has also impacted my writing, particularly when I studied in France. In Paris, I would be riding the metro, think of an idea, and feel that I couldn’t do anything until I wrote down my ideas. I have also faced creativity lulls, where I am desperate to feel inspired and come up with new ideas. During the winter, I attended a Pink Pangea writing workshop, which was the perfect way for me to refresh my creative space and inspire me to write in new ways.

One of my favorite takeaways from the writing workshop was to learn from my body and senses about creativity and developing a creative space. Below are some great ideas we can learn from our bodies in order to become more creative:



Our eyes remind us to change our perspective and look beyond what we think we should be seeing. Our eyes love when we pause to enjoy a sunset or see our loved ones for the first time in a while.

Our ears remind us to listen to the sounds around us. We may think of a new tune or discover a new sense of peace as we develop our creative space.

Our shoulders want us to put them down and relax, to let loose, and to be free. This sense of freedom and relaxation will allow new inspirNational ideas to come our way.

Our nose reminds us how significant scent can be in our daily lives, such as smelling freshly baked cookies and a bouquet of flowers. We should incorporate scents, such as candles and fresh air, in our daily lives in order to develop an inspirNational creative space.

The list goes on…and it is amazing how much we can learn from our physical selves in order to develop our creative, emotional, and spiritual selves! I hope that these ideas help you find more creativity in your daily life.




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