What Makes Salzburg Magical?


The hills are alive…with the sound of music! With the filming of the world-famous movie, The Sound of Music, there has to be something magical about Salzburg, Austria. After visiting Salzburg for two days, I can confidently say that it will bring an ear-to-ear smile to your face.

As you’re planning your to trip to Salzburg, I have the following recommendations to make your trip magical:

  • Go on The Sound of Music Tour! Whether you are a fan of musicals or not, The Sound of Music Tour provides you with picturesque views of Salzburg and an interesting history of the city. If you have seen and enjoyed The Sound of Music, you will love the dramatic tour guide who will share insider stories about the filming of the movie and will encourage you to sing along the way. I promise, when you see the mountainous scenes, you will want to sing “Do Re Mi” too.


  • Visit Mozart’s home and birthplace. You will learn about Wolfgang Mozart’s upbringing in a successful family and how he became famous. You will see pianos and other instruments dating from the 1700s and letters that provide perspective of the era. You will also notice the Mozart family’s significant influence on Salzburg, with several restaurants and cafes named after Mozart. I stayed in a fabulous hotel called Hotel Mozart, which provided a quaint Austrian breakfast and was within walking distance of the main tourist sites.


  • Walk and shop along river and the main streets for fashionable boutiques and great souvenirs. Great streets and pedestrian areas include Getreidegasse, Judengasse, Alter Markt, Waagplatz, Mozartplatz, Linzergasse, and Kaiviertel. You also will want to check out the local open-air markets near Mozart’s birthplace for local goods, books and foods. I tried one of the famous Austrian sausages with sauerkraut and loved it.
  • Go to Zwettler’s for dinner and try weiner-schnitzel, spätzle and beer. If you are hungry, you couldn’t ask for a hardier or more filling meal. The flavors are heavenly and filling, perfect after a long day of touring the city. The ambiance is friendly and German-influenced, with dark wood, rustic decorations, and large groups of people laughing over a pint or two of beer.
  • Walk up the hill to see Fortress Hohensalzburg. Even if you don’t have enough time to tour the fortress, you get a spectacular view of the city, and see what appear to be little villages within Salzburg, including cemeteries, homes, and churches.



  • Check out the Beer Hall, which is ironically connected to a church. You will go back in time, seeing kegs with refillable mugs and local vendors selling food, surrounding a large open room full of long tables for people to gather. I had the interesting experience of meeting a few Michiganders. It’s a small world, and it feels even smaller and more connected in a beer hall.

All of these experiences combined into one trip make Salzburg a magical place, one that I will forever cherish.


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