48 Hours in Budapest


Tourism in Budapest has grown tremendously and during my language immersion in Europe, I wanted to be part of it. After  spending 48 hours in Budapest, I now understand why and found it to be one of the most exotic places I have ever visited in Europe. With limited time in Budapest, how can you see the highlights? Below are some of my tips:

  • Go on the Budapest Walking Tour. You will learn the interesting history of Buda and Pest, divided by the Danube River, and will see all the major highlights of Budapest. Major sites include Danube Promenade, Municipal Concert Hall, Gresham Palace, Academy of Hungarian Sciences, St.Stephen’s Basilica, Chain Bridge, Castle District, Royal Palace, Matthias Church, Fisherman Bastion. I was amazed to learn about Hungary’s contributions in the world of science and art. It was also interesting to understand the struggles of Budapest during the Communist era.


  • Focus your next day on your favorite sites based on your walking tour. I ended up visiting the Matthias Church and Fisherman Bastion was in awe!


  • Go on a Danube River Dinner Cruise. Savor the buffet which allows you to try the native Hungarian cuisine, such as goulash, porkolt, stuffed peppers, and cabbage rolls. Never have I seen a more beautiful city at night along a river!


  • Dance in the ruin bars. My favorite was Szimple, which was an old ruin with an eclectic mix of decorations – recycled bikes, jars and cans, and a bath tub! I enjoyed listening and dancing to American music along with locals and other tourists from around the world.


  • Stay in an AirBnb to meet local Hungarians. My AirBnB host was incredibly friendly, driving from the train station to his apartment, explaining sites to visit, and helping me whenever I needed anything. AirBnB is a great way for you to get more of a local flavor of Budapest or anywhere throughout the world.

Have you been to Budapest? What other recommendations do you have to see Budapest in a short amount of time?


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