25 Reflections of my 25 Years on February 25th


On the 25th day of my birthday month of my 25th year, I wanted to reflect on 25 things I have enjoyed and not enjoyed about the world. This reminds me of the newborn baby posts we often see that describe what babies like and don’t like about the world each month. In some ways, I think it is interesting and helpful for all of us (not just newborns) to reflect on what we like and don’t like throughout our lives. The reflection process will help us do a pulse check on how we feel in the moment and will help us make decisions about the future. Below I have listed 25 things that I like and don’t like about the world. I combined both serious and light-hearted topics. I look forward to reviewing this again next year to see how my interests have changed and how I have grown over time.

25 Things I Like About The World:

Family, Friendship, Love, Travel, Mindfulness, Passion, Literacy, Social Media, Democracy, Running, Yoga, Fresh Air, Nature, Sunshine, Free Time, Winning, A New Outfit, Big Hugs, Naps, Hope, Faith, Trying New Cuisines, A Warm Shower, Certainty, Rewards for Hard Work


25 Things I Don’t Like About The World:

Losing Loved Ones, Terrorism, Stress, Fatigue, Disrespect, Liars, Bullying, Pessimism, Inequality, Miscommunication, Gray Skies, Rushing, Poverty, Doing Laundry, Anxiety, Uncertainty, Cancer and All Diseases, Food Poisoning, Poor Hygiene, Itchy Sweaters, Laziness, Dirty Homes, When My Socks Fall Off My Feet, Self-Pity, Entitlement

Completing this exercise made me realize how difficult it was for me to find 25 things that I don’t like about the world. I believe this is a good sign, as I have a more optimistic outlook on the world at this point in my life and I hope to continue to be that way. I encourage you to try this exercise to see what you learn about yourself and if there is anything you would like to change about your life or the world!






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