How Do You Want to Enter the World?


Over the holiday weekend, I asked my dad a simple question about what to wear when we were going out to dinner. He responded, “it’s up to you how you want to enter the world.” At the time I took the response for what it meant and chose an outfit. Later on, I thought further about the significance of choosing how I want to enter the world.

Every day, we have a choice about how we enter the world. We can be optimistic or pessimistic. We can be happy or sad. We can be nice or mean. We can be ethical or unethical. We can be a friend or an enemy. We can be open minded or close minded. We can give or we can take. With each of these choices, we adjust our actions to align with how we feel, how we are perceived, and how we impact the world.

My Alex and Ani bracelet is one way that I answer the question about how I want to enter the world. The bracelet serves as a constant reminder for me to make my mark on the world. My goal is to have a positive impact by helping the world foster intercultural acceptance and understanding. I wear the bracelet often and remind myself of its meaning:


Source: Make Your Mark Bracelet,

“You have the ability to leave a positive imprint on the lives of others. Inspire others with thoughtful actions. Discover your passions and act on them. Lead a life that you can be proud of. Make your mark to better the world and leave a legacy of love for generations to come.” -Make Your Mark Bracelet, Alex and Ani

Symbols like my Alex and Ani bracelet keep me focused when I  enter the world. I encourage you to challenge yourself by asking: How do you want to enter the world? What symbols do you have that will keep you focused as you answer this question every day?




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