With Tragedy Comes Hope


To all inspirNational readers directly affected by the Paris tragedy and other worldwide tragedies over the past week, I am sending you my condolences, thoughts, and prayers. The recent events in Paris have left me feeling a whirlwind of emotions, from grief for the Parisians, anger towards terrorism, and fear as I am about to live and study in Paris. Combining all of these feelings and insights I have read and heard on the news and from loved ones, I am comforted with a sense of hope. I wanted to share some of the powerful thoughts with you that I have seen over the past few days.


1. Good will prevail.

“In times like this, it’s important to remind ourselves that despite the alarming frequency of these terrible events, violence is actually at an all-time low in history and continues to decline.

Deaths from war are lower than ever, murder rates are generally dropping around the world, and — although it’s hard to believe — even terrorist attacks are declining.

Please don’t let a small minority of extremists make you pessimistic about our future.

Every member of our community spreads empathy and understanding on a daily basis. We are all connecting the world together. And if we all do our part, then one day there may no longer be attacks like this.”

-Mark Zuckerberg

2. Let your faith be stronger than your fear. Fear is what fuels evil in the world, and we must not let our fears conquer our thoughts. With strong faith we can overcome anything.

3. Our youth serves as a powerful source of change. We can teach them peace and hope as they form their values, world beliefs, and dreams for the future.

May all of these thoughts remind us that with tragedy comes hope!


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