Why Travel? Part Seven


As I have said in my Why Travel?, Why Travel? Part Two, Why Travel? Part Three, Why Travel? Part Four,Why Travel? Part Five, and Why Travel? Part Six posts, there are SO many reasons to travel. Each of the quotes in these posts makes our wanderlust grow stronger.

In our pursuit of happiness, it is interesting to think about travel as a source of happiness. With new sights, perspectives, and encounters during our adventures, travel can strongly encourage happiness in our everyday lives. I came across an insightful Huffington Post article that shares 11 Reasons Why Travel Makes You A Happier Person, outlined below:

  1. Find your self-confidence by dealing with unexpected situations.
  2. Happiness is infectious.
  3. Being away makes you appreciate family and home.
  4. You make new friends.
  5. Detox from social media.
  6. Getting some “you” time.
  7. Education, education, education.
  8. Get a Vitamin D boost.
  9. You’re more interesting…especially in travel conversations!
  10. New experiences give us moments to remember.
  11. The effects of travel aren’t just short-term.

Read the full article here! Don’t hold back- go on another adventure and be inspirNational!


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