How to Make the Most of a Staycation


When we think of travel, many of us think that means we must go to a new or different place. Over the past year, though, I have learned that a staycation (where you stay home, or vacation where you live) can be equally rewarding. Staycations can be more budget-friendly and help us be more appreciative of everything that our local surroundings offer, whether that relates to the culture, nature, food, or community events.

Source: Tamarack Swim Club

Source: Tamarack Swim Club

When we want to vacation but do not want to leave the local area, how can we make the most of a staycation?

Try new restaurants. Major cities often have restaurants guides that help you experience international cuisines without leaving the comforts of your home. Something interesting in Cleveland is the independent restaurant guide, which promotes locally owned restaurants. You can often try new restaurants during the popular trend of Restaurant Week, which encourages people to try new restaurants and new entrees for affordable prices.

Search for exciting community events, such as concerts, plays, or sporting events. Many cities and downtown areas have regular events that they promote in the local newspaper, city website, or through museum or public venue websites. The events will help you stay festive and broaden your perspective of your local community or the world around you. You can also seek out visiting musicians, artists, etc. who may be in town to make you feel like you are traveling even when you are home.

Challenge yourself to not make any plans and “go with the flow.” I like to say “go where the wind takes you,” based on how you feel, the weather, and news of last minute opportunities that may come your way. As a planner, I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in planning for the next day. But with too many plans, we may miss out on opportunities that cannot be planned. With staycations, we have the opportunity to let go and just experience each day as it comes.

Create a theme for your staycation. Perhaps you are craving a tropical vacation, so you can go to the zoo to see tropical animals, eat at tropical restaurants, go salsa dancing, and wear bright clothing to feel like you’re in your dream destination. Or if you are looking to go back in time, you could take a horse-and-buggy ride through your local park and watch old movies. With a little imagination, the potential themes for staycations are endless.

I hope these insights help you make the most of your staycation, regardless of where you live. Whether you are vacationing, staycationing, or continuing your daily routine, you can still live every day like a traveler. Check out my post, How to Live Everyday Like a Traveler, to learn more!


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