New Eyes: Travel Changing Perspectives Through Yoga


Check out my #NewEyesTravel feature on Melibee Global!

As I described in my previous post, New Eyes: Travel Changing Perspectives in Seville, Spain,  Melibee Global launched a series that encourages us to share how travel has changed our perspectives. Given that the premise of inspirNational is the new mindset we develop from living like a traveler, I was excited to contribute. Every trip and every destination I have visited has contributed to how I view the world. Below is my story on Melibee Global about how yoga has changed my perspective.

While traveling, I have gained a #NewEyesTravel perspective through yoga. I have learned that no matter where we practice yoga in the world, we will experience similar (if not the same) yoga poses. I was comforted by this realization when I took a floating yoga class in Hawaii for the first time on a paddle board. I was also comforted while doing yoga on the rooftop of the Cariari Bed and Breakfast in Costa Rica, which was my first experience taking a yoga class in Spanish. While I was in a completely different country and communicating in my second language, the course provided the same physical and spiritual benefits. Yoga reminds us that we can all be united in spirituality.


Interested in participating in the #NewEyesTravel conversation? As Melibee Global says, “simply share an image on social media and write a few words about how that image of your travels changed your perspective. Please use #NewEyesTravel so that we can find your incredible images and stories!”


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