Why Travel to Capital Cities?


Mainly United States-centric, I have noticed that the majority of my travel over the past year has involved capital cities. From Charleston, West Virginia, to Columbia, South Carolina, and crossing borders to San Jose, Costa Rica, I have had wonderful experiences touring capital cities. This weekend I look forward to visiting the most important capital city in the United States – Washington D.C.! What keeps drawing me to capital cities? Well, partly, it is the convenience of airport access, but capital cities provide great benefits for travelers. Below are some of the intriguing parts of capital cities that should make us want to explore them:

  1. Learn about the heart of the country, state, or province’s government. Not interested in politics? Remember that governments also foster the culture of the location, so you can learn about your destination’s culture and how the region is regulated.
  2. Often (but not always), the capitals are centrally located in your region, easing your ability to travel to other areas. The central location may also provide you with access to public transportation and airports, as capitals are often transportation centers.
  3. Tour museums that display the country or state’s history and culture. Countries often locate important museums in capital cities, so you will have a great opportunity to learn the historical and cultural background of your destination.
  4. Experience the region’s trade, as capitals traditionally are home to ports, market exchanges, and more. You will learn about local goods and souvenirs and also experience the diversity that international trade brings to a region.
Washington D.C. Source: Fox Travel and Tours

Washington D.C. Source: Fox Travel and Tours

The list goes on, but these are some of the most significant benefits of traveling to a capital.

Interested in traveling to a capital city? Challenge yourself with this National Geographic Capital Cities Quiz to learn capital cities throughout the world. iBon voyage!


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