What’s the Most Delicious Dish You’ve Eaten Abroad?


Last week, Pink Pangea asked followers to share the most delicious dishes we have eaten abroad.

With all the unique cuisines I have tried in the countries I have visited in Europe, South America, and North America, it was difficult for me to choose just one. For the purpose of answering the question, I said that my favorite (or most unique) dish I have tried is croquetas de jamon from Salamanca, Spain.  I first tried them at my host mom’s home while studying abroad in Salamanca. My host mom, Capilla, made croquetas with bechamel, ham, and cheese. They were savory and comforting, which was a wonderful feeling for trying a new food in a foreign place. I will never forget croquetas and seek them out at restaurants back home in the U.S., although they are difficult to find!

Croquetas de jamon. Source: recetax.com

Croquetas de jamon. Source: recetax.com

Given that many of us eat three meals per day, food becomes a significant part of our travel experience. With every bite, we learn more about our destination’s culture, traditions, and history. I look forward to continue trying different foods throughout the world in order to add to my list of favorite delicious dishes.

What’s the most delicious dish you’ve eaten abroad?


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