Destination Destiny


Have you ever wondered how it is possible to meet so many amazing new people and potential new friends while traveling?

Some people have told me that while we travel, we have a “travel glow,” meaning that we attract new friends as much as they attract us. Travel is meant to be a good time, with new sites, exciting experiences, and constant awe. The positive energy naturally unites us with our travel companions. Then, as we return to our daily routines, we move on and forget about our travel companions.

While this may be true, I think that more often than not we are experiencing something more than the “travel glow.” Instead, I like to think of this phenomenon as destination destiny. To me, destination destiny describes the fate that leads us to travel to certain places and meet certain people that are meant to make a difference in our lives. I have always been grateful for the tour groups I have met and have fond memories with many of them. I am most grateful for the new friends that I have met through travel, as they have truly made an impact on my life.

During a Super Bowl party over the weekend, I realized how much destination destiny I have experienced. While meeting my friend’s family, I described how I met my friends that were at the party. I realized that two of my closest friends in Cleveland were the result of travel experiences.

The first crazy destination destiny was with my friend Erin. Erin and I met in Spain in 2011 while going on a University of Salamanca excursion to Seville and Granada. We instantly clicked and became friends. Even though we just met, we took pictures together. Little did I know that our time meeting in Spain was only the beginning of our friendship. The following summer, I interned in Cleveland, Ohio (thousands of miles away if you think about it). One evening, I ran into Erin while walking around in Downtown Cleveland. I could not believe that my Spain friend also happened to be in Cleveland! I forgot that she was an Ohio State student and originally from Cleveland. After graduating from college and moving to Cleveland to start my career, I got together with Erin often. Now she has become one of my favorite Clevelanders.

Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

My second crazy destination destiny was with my friend Laura. While in the elevator of my apartment building last year, I sparked conversation with the girl standing next to me. Through our short elevator conversation, we realized we had both just returned from a trip to Costa Rica. We exchanged phone numbers and got together for brunch shortly after. Talk about an awesome elevator experience, which introduced me to Laura! Laura has become one of my good friends. To this today we continue to reminisce about our travels and enjoy exploring Cleveland together.

The moral of the story? Destination destiny through travel introduces us to people that may change our lives. Fortunately because of technology, we are able to stay in contact them as we move throughout our lives. So if you’re looking for more reason to travel, think of all the potential new friends you may meet and the destination destiny in front of you!


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  1. Tell me about it, can completely attest to this that travel has destiny and you’ll meet people that will potentially impact and change your lives.. There’d be at least 4 or 5 people who have done this for me.. Although admitedly sometimes it’s hard to remember as a romance or 2 may have been involved, I’d rather appreciate the time had rather than be disappointed that they didn’t work out..

    The saying, it’s a small world really seems to apply in your situation! 🙂


    • Yes I agree and have had similar experiences. As long as we live in the moment, hopefully we won’t be disappointed if things don’t work out after the trips. I love to see how this destination destiny affects all of us!


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