InspirNational Music: You Are In Love by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift never seizes to amaze me. How can one artist find ways to make us connect to her music regardless of our life stage? Since high school, I have listened to Taylor Swift through every crush, relationship, and life challenge, and I almost always can relate to her.

I’m sure Taylor Swift fans are all in shock (or in love?) to hear her new 1989 album, which removes her from the country star label. I enjoy her “pop” style songs, so this is a great transition for me. Of course I had weeks where I enjoyed “Shake It Off” and more recently “Blank Space” from her 1989 album, but this week I found a less mainstream song than I can’t stop playing.


Taylor Swift’s “You Are In Love” is my latest favorite song because of how it describes love. Every song detail describes how I am feeling now, and it’s exciting, for both Taylor and me :), to go from being a so-called hopeless romantic to a hopeful romantic. The song is inspirNational to me because it reminds us of the powerful influence of love – it completely changes who we are and how we perceive life and the world. I am learning that there is nothing more fulfilling than having a companion to share in our life journey. Taylor Swift is inspirNational as a whole for being able to move people through music. She translates her celebrity lifestyle into the daily lives of the rest of us, and always finds a way to comfort and inspire us.

I encourage you to listen to “You Are In Love” on iTunes, and hopefully YouTube will soon post Taylor Swift’s official music video.


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