The Pursuit of Happiness


Throughout my life, my peers have called me optimistic, cheerful, perky, and “so happy all the time.” While I most often take this as a compliment, I also get annoyed because I am not always happy and want to make sure that I come across as genuine. One of my goals when interacting with others has always been to bring people up, inspire them, and not transfer negative energy from my stress or worries to them. We all have life challenges, and it is important to me to avoid complaining and instead focus on what is good and keeps us all moving forward. With this goal in mind, I always attempt to see the glass half full and bring positive energy to a group.

Challenged with the thought that I have a perception of always being happy, I decided to write about insights I have found to help me in my pursuit of happiness:

  1. Your happiness is in your hands. It is up to you to choose a career that makes you happy, to surround yourself with people that make you happy, and to take the time to change anything in your life that does not make you happy. One of my favorite quotes about this : “If you can’t change what happens to you, change how you think about it.”
  2. Be balanced. Find ways to incorporate what you love in your everyday life. Most of us have to work, but we also should make time to be with our families and friends, to exercise, to eat healthy food, and to relax.
  3. Have an attitude of gratitude. Remember that you always have something more than someone else. Every day of good health, every meal, and every moment spent with loved ones should be cherished because you never know what’s to come in your path.
  4. Compliment others. You will brighten the days of others and help them find the good in themselves and you!
  5. Listen to music, especially when you are doing tedious tasks or chores. I find that my life is like a playlist, and every song reminds me of different moments throughout my life. Music also helps make chores a little bit more fun.
  6. Travel in order to learn what makes people throughout the world happy. Traveling has helped me realize that experiences and quality time with loved ones provide me with much more happiness than tangible things.
  7. Write a personal vision. With a vision in mind, you will create a path for yourself and will be able to take the necessary steps to make your vision a reality.
  8. Pause and reflect. Make sure to give yourself personal time every week to reflect on what you have done, where you have been, and where you are gone. Little check-ins with yourself will help make sure that you are balanced and happy.
  9. Try new things, whether that means new foods, new hobbies, or new places. By  changing up our daily routine, the element of “newness” keeps life exciting and may provide you with new sources of happiness.
  10. Always have something to look forward to. This is one piece of advice I learned from my grandma, who is now 96 years old. She swears by the fact that always having something to look forward to has kept her going with a zest for life.
Source: iPinion Syndicate

Source: iPinion Syndicate

In the spirit of Christmas, I also found an article, 10 tips for a happy life, according to Pope Francis. As the word Catholic means universal, the Pope provides universal tips for happiness, which apply to anyone regardless of religious or spiritual background. He reminds us to “respect nature,” “work for peace,” “be giving of yourself to others,” and let go of negativity, among other tips.

I hope you feel inspired to continue the pursuit of happiness and I would be grateful to learn how you go about your daily life in order to be happy. May the holiday season and the new year be filled with happiness for us all!


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  1. Cool article here Brittany! You offer some very practical tips, especially number 1 about your happiness being in your hands and then it’s about the choices that we make..

    I’m probably pretty similar in that people always see me as being positive, I am that way as I look to choose an attitude that is going to get me to success! Having said that yes sometimes internally you’re not always positve..

    Have a great holiday period too 🙂


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