Attitude of Gratitude

Source: Natural Solutions Magazine

Source: Natural Solutions Magazine

‘Tis the season to be grateful. Or I like to think of it as the time of year to remember that we should be grateful every day. An attitude of gratitude has helped me stay optimistic throughout my life, see the good in others, appreciate the small things, and make the most of each day.

I realize, though, that it is challenging to always have this attitude, so I began to research how to be grateful.

Oprah’s November 2014 Magazine featured an insightful exercise to help us cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Below is an image of the exercise that I found on the Silver Threading blog (it’s a fun exercise to try!):


In addition, Jamelle Sanders wrote an inspiring article with Powerful Lessons in Gratitude. She explains how gratitude leads to success, keeps us humble, and helps us find more meaning in life.

Applying these concepts to my life, I realize more and more each day that I should be grateful. With Thanksgiving just four days away (can you believe it?), I am reminded to reflect on all the changes that have occurred over the past year. I am grateful to have time to notice these changes and how I have grown as a person. I am grateful for my loving family and friends, who have been supportive every step of the way. I am grateful for my boyfriend, who has helped me learn about love, relationships, and how special it is to be able to experience the adventures of life while growing with another person. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in sustainability consulting, where I have been exposed to several industries and learned how companies can have a positive impact on their employees, the community and the environment. I am grateful for the flexibility to have work/life balance, which has helped me practice new skills outside of the office, such as yoga and cooking. I am grateful for the ability to travel and find ways to make it affordable, which has encouraged me to learn about the world and apply lessons in my daily life. Last, but not least, I am grateful for this blog, which has enabled me to pause and reflect on my own life, capture thoughts from those who inspire me, and (hopefully) inspire others as well. Thank you for supporting my blog by reading this post!

As we approach Thanksgiving, it is important for us to take a step back and think about everything that brings us joy and makes us who we are today. What are you grateful for? How can you have an attitude of gratitude this year?


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