InspirNational Music: I Lived by One Republic


Next up my on my repeat playlist is I Lived by One Republic.

Every line is meaningful and powerful. The song reminds us to live life to the fullest and not hold back. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day life and think about goals, schedules, and what is coming next. Instead, One Republic challenges us to embrace every moment and opportunity that comes our way. They remind us to live in the present, as we never how long we have to live. My favorite line is below, and will be a constant source of inspiration:

“I owned every second that this world could give. I saw so many places and things that I did. With every broken bone, I swear I lived.”

Beyond the powerful lyrics, the music video brings the significance of the song to a whole new level. One Republic dedicated the music video to Bryan Warnecke, a teenager who lives with Cystic Fibrosis. The video features Warnecke biking up a mountain with clips of home videos of him growing up. Warnecke then reveals that he is only expected to live until the age of 36.

“It’s just one of those things that really makes you appreciate life. It makes me appreciate where you are, as a person,” he says. “I want to make the most out of my life and have as much fun as I possibly can and my biggest fear is not being able to do that.”

Let’s all listen to One Republic, avoid having regrets, and when our moment comes, feel confident at any point to say “I lived.”


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