InspirNational Music: Try by Colbie Calliat


Do you ever have a song that you play on repeat, and can’t stop?

Lately, that song for me has been Try by Colbie Calliat. I’m a consistent Colbie Calliat fan, but this song really “got” me, especially after watching the music video:

Colbie Calliat’s song emphasizes the importance of feeling beautiful in your natural skin and not changing yourself to meet other’s expectations. Her music video highlights women of diverse ages and ethnicities, first with make-up, and then later in the music video without make-up. She says “you don’t have to try” to be something that you’re not. Don’t worry about being beautiful for other people, be beautiful for yourself in your own way!

On an international level, beauty is defined in several different ways. What may be perceived as beautiful in one country may be perceived as ugly in another country, and vice versa. As we all develop an inspirNational mindset, we should remember this point and for that reason, not change ourselves according to one place’s definition of beauty. Our differences are what make us unique, and at a deeper level, they are what make us human. We are all beautiful in our own unique ways. Listen to Colbie Calliat: “you don’t have to try” to be someone you are not. Be yourself and be proud!


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