Repurposing Maps


Now that we use Google Maps, GPS, Mapquest, and SYNC directions, it is crazy to think that paper maps are becoming old-fashioned. Rather than letting them collect dust, what can we do with all the old maps we have collected over the years?

Lately I have noticed how much vintage maps interest me. Perhaps it is because I am sentimental, and especially appreciate maps that represent Michigan and my hometown. Perhaps it is also because I have the travel bug, and am always eager to discover and explore new places. With this second reason in mind, I purchased an old map of the world to document all the places I have visited and to decorate one of the walls in my apartment. One of my lifetime goals is to visit every continent, so this will help me keep track of everywhere I have gone and would like to go.


This week, I also learned about my University of Michigan Pi Phi sister, Ashley Thompson’s exciting project for her entrepreneurship class, called MAP IT: Custom City or State Blocks. She is repurposing vintage maps from the 1950’s into artwork on wood blocks. Check out her Etsy site here. The blocks are available for a great deal and she will customize them for you with whichever state or city map you would like!


This is just the beginning of all the fun and crafty things you can do with maps. Brit + Co outlines 35 Clever Ways to Repurpose A Map. So, if you’re feeling crafty this weekend, and you have old maps laying around the house, now you have a fun project! Let me know if you know of other interesting ways to repurpose maps.


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