How to Live Like a Traveler Every Day


An InspirNational mindset sounds ideal, but how can we do this in reality? What does it take to live like a traveler every day?

After living in a new city for a year, I have turned what I thought would be a not-so-exciting place into a traveler’s dream. Here are tips for you to live like a traveler every day:

  • Join networking groups. Make sure the groups are diverse and match your interests (from running, to cooking, to university alumni, to city politics, you will find other people with similar interests. If not, start the group yourself!). is a great resource to find groups near you. Networks are the missing link to finding out about new opportunities in your city.
  • Talk to people you meet about cool things to do in the city. Be sure to mix up who you talk to. Locals may know about traditional events but may be skeptical or unaware of new events. New-in-town people may have a different perspective and be curious to try the new events in the city.
  • Find things you can do for free.  Every city has tons of things to do for free.  This makes it easy to get out there and enjoy your city without spending a lot of money.
BelieveInCLE sponsored free yoga at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this summer!

BelieveInCLE sponsored free yoga at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this summer!

  • Read local magazines and blogs about your city and follow their social media sites. This will help you stay “in the know” about what’s to come.
  • Write a “bucket list” of things you want to do in your city. It’s fun to keep track of all the exciting events, restaurants, venues, etc. that you have experienced in your city.
  • Pursue photography as hobby. You will be amazed by the perspective you gain from taking pictures of anything that interests you. You will spend more time appreciating everything that comes your way, and as my mom always reminds me, you will be able to “stop and smell the roses,” which we so often forget to do.

What other tips do you have to live like a traveler in your daily life?


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