My Blog: Turning An Idea Into Reality


While I have traveled throughout my life, my experience at the University of Michigan opened my eyes to a world I had never seen before. From meeting students from diverse backgrounds, to completing courses from internationally renowned professors, to studying in locations I had only dreamed of (such as Spain, Washington D.C., and Chile), I developed a new appreciation for being worldly.

Starting in Spain in 2011, I wrote a blog about living and studying in Europe (focusing on the University of Salamanca, Spain, France, and Italy). Cliché, but this experience truly changed my life and reminded me to live life to the fullest, enjoy each day, and explore the world. I transferred the lessons I learned in Spain to my daily life back in the United States. The blog served as a great way to reflect and preserve favorite memories, and I knew that I wanted to continue blogging in the future.

During my next two years as an undergraduate, I completed a public policy course at the Washington Campus program in Washington D.C. and a corporate growth strategy course in Santiago, Chile, which reinforced my passion from action-based learning throughout the world. My travel mindset continued to grow, which inspired me to plan a post-graduation trip to Holland, Germany, Belgium in 2013. I began to notice a trend: I never wanted to stop traveling, I learned so much about myself and the world by going to new places (as opposed to reading a textbook), and I was fascinated by the connections I made with people throughout the world.

Graduating from Michigan and knowing that I was entering the work force without the same flexibility as a student, I became fearful that I would lose my ability to travel. I also feared that I would not have the same wonderful travel experiences by moving to Cleveland, which I assumed to be a not-so-exciting place. These fears encouraged me to start wanting to write about my previous travel experiences, so that I could reflect and relive the memories. However, I put my desire to write on hold as I began to adjust to my new working life in Cleveland.

Now that I have lived in Cleveland for a year, I have realized that going to new places is not the only way to “travel.” I have spent the entire year with a traveler mindset: exploring different neighborhoods in Cleveland, trying new restaurants, going to new events, joining new clubs, meeting new people, and truly “putting myself out there” like never before. I have made the most of mini-vacations, such as trips to Michigan, Chicago, New York, Virginia, and South Carolina to visit family and friends. I was also able to travel to Costa Rica with one of my good friends from college and to Hawaii with my mom for a work conference. I was able to travel, literally and figuratively, much more than I ever would have expected. I decided that I wanted to write about this traveler mindset in order to help others develop a new appreciation for their daily experiences.

A combination of all of these experiences is what leads me here today. I am excited to share with you InspirNational experiences, international inspiration in your everyday life. From Cleveland, Ohio, to San Jose, Costa Rica, to Madrid, Spain, we can all live like a traveler and be inspired by others no matter where we are in the world.


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